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Norton is an antivirus which gives you the protection against the threats. Millions of people are a user of this antivirus. It is also known as one solution for all the issues which is related to security. This antivirus gives the security service to all the users at the global level. Norton com setup is the referral site for all the user who wants to set up their Norton antivirus properly is the Pc. Through this antivirus, the user did not face any issues related to the Internet. It is the best way to protect your System from the viruses, Malware, Trojans, and much more dangerous infection, which can damage our system very severely. You can also choose the option Norton antivirus free trial for 90 days.

Why Norton antivirus?

Internet security

The best part about this software is that it will give you internet security after the connection with the device if the user was was downloading suspicion file and access some unsafe file, so it sends an alert.

Two- way firewall

It has a two-way firewall which is a brilliant feature in this antivirus. This firewall will protect you from hacking, and a user doesn’t have to take tension related to security issues.

Layer Protection

This software have a layer of protection. It works on the five layer protection principal. The name of 5 layer protection is Network, Antivirus, Insight, Sonar and the last is Repair.

Norton antivirus free trial for 90 days

Norton Antivirus provides 90 days free trial to their customer. Norton Antivirus recommend that user try the software before buying the product. Or maybe 90 days is enough to check the software that how it is well for your device. And before purchasing the product user has to satisfied with the products if the user was facing any problem with the product so they will recognise the problem in 90 days.

Installation of Norton Antivirus

If a user using the device so they will also know the how to install the software in their device user also know the.R read out the step of the installation below the paragraph-

  1.  First, you have to go to the download website.
  2. And download the software in your device from the internet.
  3. Then sing into Norton com setup.
  4. After this, you have to enter the email address and password according to requirement.
  5. If you don’t have an account, then you have to create the report on the and feel the complete information.
  6. If it started then download the Norton.
  7. If you have a product key, so you don’t have to register, but if you don’t have a key, so you have to create the new product key.
  8. Then you get the option on that option you have to select the agree on the choice and then click on the download option.
  9. Then click on the RUN on the internet explorer.
  10. After that click on the continue if User Account control appears on the window.
  11. Now the Norton antivirus is installed and activated.

Norton Product key

Norton Product key is the security key for the Norton antivirus. It used for activation the Norton Antivirus. It is quite difficult for the user to understand the Norton installation with product key.But the user doesn’t have to worry about this because Norton technical support team  24×7 is available for the users. If users have any problem or have any query about anything so they can contact our team the Norton support number is +1-888-957-6852. The user also gets the problem in a setup of the product key. A user can visit with product key website and get their solution easily. You need a Norton account and email id to access this account. 

24x7 Technical support

Today is the internet become a significant threat for all the device user, and they need an instant solution for there problems. And online is the best way to get your solution fast. Our experienced technician will available you 24×7, and it has seen many times we encounter the issues while.