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Which error show when panda internet security download

There is some following errors code shown when the panda internet security downloadIn this blog you will know about these errors there is panda product .which user, face installation problem, is Panda Antivirus Pro, Panda Global Protection, Panda internet security, etc.

There are following symptoms while the user installs the Panda Antivirus software in their system. If a user has not able to understand the errors so they can contact at the panda antivirus phone number, they will help you and resolve your all errors.

If the user got the messages of the error during the installation time, and the process of the installation fails.

After the installation is complete, then the icon is not shown on the windows. and the software is not start

Some Error codes while panda internet security download

1)Error 2093
2)Error 2132

Error code 2093
This error is caused by the when some other antivirus software is installed already in your system or if you uninstall the software, so there are traces is on from previous software.

The solution of this Error code is:
1)The first step is Download the Panda support information and runs this file.
2)You see the license agreement accept it.
3)You see the General Tab on the screen Then select the product you use in the drop-down menu and then Write the description of your issue, select the tool tab.
4)hit twice on the 2093 error fix tool.
5)click ok for the removal process.
6)finally if you see the work is finished then click ok in the Finished Tool work.

Error Code 2132

The reason for this error while panda internet security download that when the message of the error is returned at that point, the root of the verification is damaged.

The solution to this error is :

  • The first easy solution is to update the Root certification. To  there update the root certification, there is the following step
    1)Install or update all the system certs.
    2)Steps For Windows XP
    3)Go to the under the Control panel after this add and remove the programs
    4)hit on the Add and removes the components of windows.
    5)then finally Check the Root Certification
  • The Second solution is

First, open the CMD with the privileges of the administrator and after the execute all the following commands.

If you need fast solutions

If the user is not able to resolve the errors so they can contact the Panda Antivirus Customer Service they will 24×7 available for you and give the fast solution as soon as possible. The Toll-free number of this support service is 1-888-909-0535.

24x7 Support