printer says offline hp

my hp printer says offline officejet

HP printer is handy for our society because it is a part of our school, or office life. As we all know today’s era is the modern era which is filled upped of all modern technologies like motorcycle, car,AC, computers, etc in between all these there is a big role of computer in our daily life and the most important is the computer and its printer but here, I will tell u about the hp printer says offline is the best quality offline hp printer. It is more useful for the offline features because one can print a document offline as well. A person has suppose to check the printer connection properly, ink cartridge properly whether the proper amount of ink is there in the cartridge or not, paper jam, also daily.

Following are the steps should be taken by an operator for the of printer says offline hp.

1. There should be a healthy(properly)connection by restarting your hp printer as rebooting is the process of retaining your device in original form.
2.check your desktop or laptop connection properly with the hp printer clearly because connection is the major part function for your device with printer.
3. Then use the administration right.
4. And then select the “device and printer”by tapping on the” start” button.
5. And then right click on the option of”printer”and then tap on”see what is printing”to open the slooper.
6.After that open the printer and unchecked the “use printer says offline hp” option.
7. Then make sure the status changer online.

You can update your hp printer driver into window 10 operating system.

1. After closing the sloping window, get back to the drivers, and the printers.
2. Then go to the official website of the product to download the right drivers for your HP printers.
3. And then follow the on screen instruction to install and run the drivers on your window 10 operating system.