set up activate Norton nu16

How to Set up activate Norton nu16

The millions of people use Norton because of its features. It is working as the best guard to the system and gives the protection to the system from all the threats such as Viruses, Malware, Spyware and many more. In this blog, you all get to know that how you can easily set up activate Norton nu16 in your system by yourself.

Using the Norton antivirus in your system may be is the best option for you and also for your system. is the link through this link you can download the Norton antivirus, and through this link, you can access the Norton account. While you are activating the Norton antivirus you need an activation code without this you can not activate the antivirus in your system.

How to install the Norton nu16

The Norton com setup antivirus not only gives your system protection but it also provides safety with your personal information. It is the main point which you have to know about it that if your system does not detect the threats or infection then these threats will automatically damage all the function of your system and you can not even correctly access your network.If you don’t know how to install the Norton antivirus in your order, then you can take help from this blog. The following step for the installation mentioned below this aragraph.

    • Go to the location where the Norton antivirus installed in your System.
    • Then when you went their tap on it double time.
    • When it prompted Hit on the Next option.
    • Then after this follow the instruction which you see on your screen.
    • Now it takes some time to complete the process of the installation.
  • When the installation is complete then finally click on the Finish option.

How to activate the Norton nu16

    • In the first step introduce the Norton antivirus interface.
    • After this when the first time is to introduce it ask you to activate the Norton antivirus. You can get the key from the with product key
    • Then select the Activate Now option in the window.
    • Now the activate wizard is shown on your screen.

    • Then the form will show. When the way is shown fill it accurately.
    • When you fill the form, then enter the name, Email id and also the activation code.
    • After the information is fill tap on the Activate now button.
    • When this process is complete follow the whole instruction which you see on the screen.
    • Finally, the Norton antivirus is activated on your system.

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