Brother Printer Error 46

How To Resolve the Brother Printer Error 46 ?

Brother printers is the leading company for best printers in the market . If you are looking for the best printer for your work so  Brother printer is the best choice for you in the market and the best part is that you can easily troubleshoot brother printers very easily. 

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Brother Printer has a lot of features but also has some bugs. In this blog, you get to know how you can fix the Brother Machine Error 46. For other queries you can contact to the Brother Printer Support Phone Number

Why Error 46 occurs on Brother Printers and How to resolve it.

– Error 46 occurs when the ink pad is full due to absorption of Ink, and to resolve this issue you need to replace the ink pad

– Error 46 also occurs sometimes when the Ink is leaking in a significant quantity.

How To fix the Brother printer Error 46

Solution 1:

Reset the Purge Counter

The easy solution of this error is you can Reset the purge which was used for the counter if You are using that type of a printer which has a Number keypad so you this blog is helpful for you. For the solution against this Error 46, you can read the Below Steps.

. In the first step Enter the 80 on the Keypad For the open the options up.

. Then Find the Purge Followed by a number option by scrolling through the down arrow.

. Now fill the 2783 or the set the 0 of the PURGE.

. Tap on the Stop button.

. After Tap on the Exit button and go to the Maintenance menu.

. For exist, you can enter the 99.

. Finally, restart the printer.

Solution 2:

Insert the Printer Into maintenance mode

. Remove the power cord of your printer.

. Wait for a few seconds and press on the menu button. 

. If you don’t have a menu button either you can use the set or start button.

. Then keep the Button hold on and again insert the power cord into the printer.

. Now hold the Button until you see the message of the Maintenance mode or you can say the Error code 46.

. Now the screen of your printer is read the Maintenance.

If You still don’t understand the problem or otherwise not resolve this error so you can take help from the Brother Printer Support Number. They are 24×7 active for your help and gives you the best assistance while you are taking help from them.