HP printer offline Windows 10

How do you resolve your HP printer offline Windows 10 Issues ?

Printers have become an indispensable part of a computer. From printing documents, books to pictures, it is hard to imagine completing work without using a printer. There are so many companies that develop and provide a variety of hardware and software components but the HP Company is among the few that has made a name for itself at a global level. It is known for manufacturing numerous products that include personal computers, laptops, tablets, printers, etc.  Printers manufactured by HP ranges from the inkjet printer to the dot matrix printer, and the multipurpose printer.

In spite of so many advanced features, the HP printers may face technical glitches. The issue of HP printer showing offline mode can create a problem to the user.   People have queries on “why is my HP printer offline?”

Find out the solution for HP printer offline Windows 10

The HP printer showing offline status is a typical problem faced by many HP printer users.  If you face similar issue of printer offline Windows 10, it may have occurred due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons is due to the low connection speed between the printer and the computer.  Since connection is vital while using electronic devices, if the printer is connected on a host network, it will ultimately lead to the printer going offline. The host network features added security which hampers the connection between the HP printer and the computer.

Another reason that may lead to HP printer offline Windows 10 is because of the wireless connection.  Sometimes, the wireless connection prevents the printer to connect and makes it impossible to print anything. To rectify this issue, you can switch the wireless connection to a USB or the Ethernet.

Follow instructions to fix the HP printer showing offline issue.

To set the printer status to online, go to “Settings” and tap on the “printers” option. Right click on the printer icon which will show you to the “Use Printer Online” button. Double click again on the printer icon. After completing the given steps, go to the “Printer” menu and tap on the “Cancel all documents” option. Now reboot both the computer and the printer and see if the status of the printer has changed.

The HP printer is conditioned to go online with the troubleshooting procedure but if it remains offline, try to re-install the driver as instructed below.

The first step is to go to “Settings’ and choose the printer on the “Printers” option. Search for the driver button using the “General or Details” option. After a while, re-install the updated version of the printer. Now go to “Settings” and choose the printer to remove it. Install the printer again by using the ‘Add printer wizard’ option. If the given instructed does not provide any solution, you can contact the Hp Printer customer care number, which is 1-888-851-5052.

You can also opt to update your HP printer firmware. When you update your HP printer firmware, it will fix a number of problems, thus, making the printing process smoother without any technical glitches. The HP printer also offers firmware updates occasionally so you should make sure to use only the updated version of the firmware. The HP printer firmware is able to tackle the issue of HP printer showing offline. In order to update the HP printer firmware, you can visit the HP printer official website.

There are other numerous ways to tackle the question, “Why is my HP printer offline?”

Considered as the easiest one to fix the printer offline problem, make sure to follow each step and use it on your operating system. The initial step is to restart the printer as this will enable the device to reach its real form. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the network connection between the printer and the computer are well connected. Now go to “administrator rights” and select the “devices and printer” option which will be on the start menu.  Click on the “Printer” option and tap on “See what’s printing” to open the spooler. After completing all the steps, open the printer and uncheck the “Use printer offline”. Now check for the online or offline status on your printer.